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Contact Us: Share New Information Regarding a Medical Policy Bulletin with Independence

A medical policy bulletin describes the status of medical technology at the time the document was developed. Since that time, new technology may have emerged or new medical literature may have been published. If you are aware of new information on the subject that is not addressed by a medical policy bulletin that you believe should be considered during the next update (eg, recently published article in peer reviewed journal, clinical study results), you are welcome to forward the information to

Please note that the sole purpose of this email address is for those with whom we do business (eg, providers) to forward pertinent information for Independence to consider during medical policy development. We ask that you do not use this email address to ask routine questions or obtain information regarding individual medical cases, claims, etc. In those instances, refer to the Contact Information page for information on the most appropriate contact at Independence to address your inquiry.

Please be advised that your written request and all attached materials become the property of Independence and may be used for consideration at the discretion of the Claim Payment Policy Department during the research and development of medical policy bulletins. Due to privacy constraints, please do not include individual medical cases or protected health information for consideration.